weightloss-away-of-lifeEvery day we are bombarded with information about fitness, wellness, exercise, weight loss, etc.. Marketing campaigns and articles are designed to try to motivate us into doing something. Fitness centers are everywhere, and most are staffed with fitness experts who can evaluate our fitness levels or lack thereof and recommend a program that will improve our health and fitness. But what about your wellness level? Can that be measured? Are your fitness level and wellness level one and the same? No, they are not. Yet they rely heavily on each other to keep you healthy.

Being fit and being well are totally different conditions. Your wellness rating is dependent upon your immune system, along with the vitamins, supplements, and the diet you give your body. Fit people can often be unwell. And well people can often be unfit. However, whenever you combine the two, and use sound principles based upon clean living, exercise, and healthy eating, you attain a state of equilibrium where you are both fit and well.

What about your eating habits? What about vitamins and minerals? What roles do what you eat and drink every day play in your health, your wellness, and your physical fitness? A lot more than you have been lead to believe or may understand. Your body’s ability to stay well under anything other than ideal conditions is a direct result of the nutrition you give it on a daily basis. Your mind’s ability to remain well is, again, a direct result of your nutrition. For instance, the human brain does not develop well without the required amount of protein in our daily diet.


Our spiritual input is also a factor when determining our wellness level. We all need the benefit of spiritual reflection. This acts as a way of cleansing ourselves of the toxins of our daily life. Spirituality is a way of assuring ourselves of a renewing and rebirth of ourselves as caring humans. As Stephen Covey calls it, “sharpening the saw”. Wellness encompasses our state of being, our mind, and our health. It is a condition of the whole. Wellness is a condition of the mind, body, and soul.

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